PH horror flicks in the spotlight at Spain film fest

asian film festival

By Daniel Infante Tuaño

SPAIN – A movie marathon entitled “Filipinas es fantastica” featuring pirate zombies, aswang and killer fridge was one of the highlights in the recently concluded Festival Nits de Cinema Oriental (Asian Summer Film Festival) held in Vic, Barcelona.

Movies such as “Grave Bandits”, “Tiktik, the Aswang Chronicles” and “Pridyider (The Fridge)” gave the Catalan audience a first glimpse of what Filipino cinema could offer in the 10-year-old festival which caters to Asian blockbuster films.

Through this festival, popular films shown in Asia can also be seen in Spain,” said Quim Crusellas, director of the festival.

“Pridyider,” a remake of a Shake, Rattle and Roll hit, was the country’s competing entry, but it did not get enough viewers’ votes to win the Festival’s Lucky Cat trophy or the Viewers’ Choice award.

All three movies, nevertheless, were greeted with applause and cheers from the audience. Male viewers screamed not after seeing the leaping aswang but after being mesmerized by the beauty of Lovie Poe who played pregnant in the movie “Tiktik”.

A very few Filipinos residing in Vic were surprised that Pinoy movies were well received by the locals.

People were clapping. I’m thankful that Pinoy movies were shown in Vic. I’m really happy,” Ronald Samolde said.

I felt happy and proud every time the people clapped but I felt a bit sad because the movie also showed the real situation in the Philippines,” Nida Octot said referring to the movie ‘Grave Bandits’ which is about two young cemetery burglars hunted by the village and eventually had to flee to a zombie-infested island.

Crusellas who also saw the original version of Pridyider, the Shake, Rattle, Roll saga, and other Pinoy movies including Brillante Mendoza’s had noticed the improvement in the technical aspect of Filipino cinema which he considered at par with Hollywood science fiction and fantasy movies.

We met Erik Matti, who directed Tiktik, in a film festival in Milan and we are very glad that finally Philippines participated in Asian Summer Film Festival,” Crusellas added.

Filipinos in Vic with Festival organizer

Filipinos in Vic with Festival director Quim Crusellas

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