Why rich families trust Pinoys with their mansions in Mallorca


By Daniel Infante Tuaño

SPAIN – Filipinos around the world have gained the trust of their employers, like Pinoys living on the Spanish island of Mallorca where most work as caretakers of mansions and summer villas owned by affluent British and German families.

One of them is Adonis “Don” Bautista who has been working with his wife for a British-German family for six years. The couple is entrusted to look after the family’s beachfront mansion while they’re away, which is practically the whole year, and help them out when they come back for vacation in organizing parties and dinners especially during summer.


Mallorca is the largest island of Spain’s Balearic archipelago where the famous party island Ibiza also belongs. There is a significant German colony on the island as it is a popular destination for German tourists, and most vacation houses are known to be owned by Germans. Most signs that can be seen in its capital Palma de Mallorca are also written in German.

Don doesn’t have any complaint with his job as almost everything is provided—a house where he and his wife can stay, and all expenses including food are paid. The children of his employers, he added, are very polite and obedient even to them, not the typical rich brats.

Don felt fortunate when he was assigned to be the captain of the family’s yacht, yet he has never bragged about it. In fact, every time a fellow Filipino passes by and asks him if he works there as a cleaner, he just said yes.

He also said yes when asked to buy a yacht for the family back then when his employer was still planning to buy one. According to him, the companies couldn’t believe that a Filipino was looking around to purchase a yacht.

Buying a good yacht is an easy task for Don who has a degree in marine and nautical engineering. Besides, the family did not need to hire an instructor, Don himself taught them how to sail a Pearl 60 Yacht.

Inside the yacht


Don showed ABSCBNnews.com how the Pearl 60 Yacht looks like.

Inside, it looks like a two-bedroom fully-furnished carpeted condo unit.

It has a living room.



Beside the living room is a kitchen with oven, fridge and faucet.


It has two bedrooms, one is the master’s bedroom and the other is a smaller room with two beds.


One can also take a shower inside.



It has a terrace, and apparently has a place where its owners can soak up the sun.


It has all the amenities a regular house can offer, plus it’s floating.

Manning and maintaining this ship and caretaking the mansion at the same time may not be as easy as a sea breeze, but Don is grateful.

Kahit na ganunpaman na mahirap ang trabaho namin dito, nabibigyan kami mga pagkakataon mga Pilipino na magtrabaho sa mataas na posisyon kasi marami kaming karibal din dito lalo na yung mga puti. Maganda’t napagkakatiwalaan pa rin nila ang mga Pilipino dito sa Europe.” ABS-CBNnews.com


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