World’s oldest resto lauds Pinoy work ethic


SPAIN – Even the world’s oldest restaurant, Restaurante Sobrino de Botin, which can be found in Madrid, Spain, has Filipino employees whom are highly valued for their service.

The restaurant, popularly known as Botin, holds the Guinness Book of World Record for the oldest and still operating restaurant in the world.


Located in Calle Cuchilleros, 17, near Madrid’s Plaza Mayor, the restaurant is still in the same place where it was founded in 1725.

It was first opened by French Jean Botin and has been owned and managed by the Gónzalez family since the beginning of the 20th century.


Ten percent of Botin’s employees are Filipinos, who help in preparing traditional Spanish cuisine and running the restaurant’s day-to-day operations.

One of them is Roel Alim, who hails from Pampanga and has been working at Botin for 16 years. Alim mans the almost three-century old wood-fired oven and prepares the centenary restaurant’s signature dish—cochinillo asado or roast suckling pig.


“Pumasok ako dito wala akong kaaalam-alam. Sa Pilipinas may background ako ng pagluluto ng cochinillo. Inihahambing ko rito, ito kayang kaya natin ‘to. Ito maliit lang, sa atin malaki. Mahirap lutuin yung malaki,” explained Alim.

Despite not having any formal training in the culinary arts, Filipinos are well regarded in the service sector in Spain because they can provide world-class service and can learn to cook for various types of restaurants whether for a Japanese food chain or a fine-dining restaurant.

“I have to say, to my satisfaction, they have delivered perfectly in the way they relate with their colleagues, with the clients and in their professional capacity. They have always been very responsible and hardworking,” said Botin’s managing director Antonio Gónzalez Gómez in Spanish, in an interview with The Filipino Channel’s Balitang Global.

One of Botin’s head chefs is Celso Salisi who for almost 25 years has been cooking Castilian dishes for the restaurant’s international clientele.

Spaniards and people from all over the world flock to Botin not only to try its no-frills, authentic Castilian dishes but also to appreciate more the history behind the restaurant, which is considered as one of the Spanish capital’s historical monuments.

American novelist Ernest Hemingway frequented the restaurant and formed friendship with Emilio González, father and grandfather of the current owners. The author’s love of Botin and Spain was depicted in his novels ‘Death in the Afternoon’ and ‘The Sun Also Rises’.

Famous and influential personalities like Spain’s former King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, Tom Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Pedro Almodovar, Alejandro Sanz, Henry Kissinger, Nancy Reagan, among others have also visited the restaurant.

Another Filipino staff Joven Cruz is already familiar with the wines usually ordered by politicians and affluent guests.


Alim recounted that there were Filipino politicians who visited the restaurant. He feels proud every time Filipinos who visit the restaurant find out that there are fellow kababayans like him work at Botin.

“Siyempre po maraming mae-encounter natin dito na mga famous din na pumapasok dito, actually parang famous ka na rin…,” Alim added.

And so is Francisco de Goya, who worked as dishwasher at Botin before becoming one of the world’s famous and greatest painters.

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Abroad, John Arcilla overwhelmed by ‘Heneral Luna’ success

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Multi-awarded Filipino actor John Arcilla, who played the lead role in the box office hit Heneral Luna, became emotional with the positive impact the film left among moviegoers.

Arcilla said he is still overwhelmed with the positive reactions people have on the movie.

A moviegoer one time approached Arcilla and asked “Gusto ko lang tanungin, gusto kong magtanong…may pag-asa pa po ba ang bayan natin?” Arcilla asked back the moviegoer– “Ikaw, anong tingin mo?” The moviegoer responded–Gusto ko pong sabihin na may pag-asa.”

Even colleagues in the showbiz industry continue to praise him for his portrayal of the Filipino general.

Arcilla hopes that the industry is able to create more meaningful films that would encourage the youth to be interested in history and instill love for country.

“Baka sinasabi nila nanood lang ng sine eh pinag-uusapan na ang pagbabago ng bansa. Why not? Why not? If a film can trigger that, why not? Because we need to be transformed. Sana mag-transcend ito sa social transformation. Yung naramdaman nila sa loob ng sinehan sana hindi lang nabuhay kundi isabuhay,” he said.

Meanwhile, the actor’s busy schedule is not getting in the way of his advocacies like the Capable Foundation.

He was in Stockholm to support the annual Masquerade Ball organized by the Adicon Charity Organization. He was one of the main guests of the charity event.

Arcilla showed his singing talent and also auctioned a painting and took selfies with Filipinos who participated in the event.

“For me, it’s a good chance to also meet the Filipino people here in Sweden. You’re helping people in a very fun way. That’s what’s fantastic about these things, helping people has to be fun. You have to enjoy helping people,” he said.

This is the ball’s third year, which started with a mother’s promise. Balitang Global correspondent and mother Vangie Rebot Jorquia made a promise that if her son survives a disease called arteriovenous malformation, a congenital brain aneurysm, her family would pay it forward by helping less fortunate Filipinos in the Philippines.

“Congratulations to all of us because we have recognized ourselves in the film, yun naman ang gusto naming mangyari. Pasalamatan din ninyo po ang sarili ninyo because na-recognize natin yung kundisyon ng ating bansa at sana po ay may gawin tayo po para doon,” Arcilla said. Original article on

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Pinoy makes a name in Spain’s art of ham carving


SPAIN – Michael Lopez’s exceptional skill, hard work, and more than a decade of experience in ham slicing have earned him the title of first Filipino maestro cortador of cinco jotas hams, one of the priciest and famous Iberian ham brands. One leg can cost around 30,000 pesos.

Iberian bellota hams, whose curing process takes place for three years, come from pure-bred pigs exclusively fed with bellota or acorn.

“The pigs only and exclusively eat acorn. It’s the acorn that makes them a cinco jotas, which we have here, and the best ham available. The size is very important so you can savour it. It has to be very thin, very transparent,” said Restaurantes Cinco Jotas store manager Silvia Garcia in Spanish.

Lopez has been invited to carve this most prized Spanish gourmet for the most exclusive crowd and sometimes to the surprise of foreign and Spanish audience who wouldn’t expect a Filipino like him to master an art practically exclusive to Spaniards and more so represent Spain in international gastronomy congresses.

“Pag nagsimula ka nang mag-demonstrate, alam nila ang ginagawa mo, na magaling ka namang mag-explain so nakukuha mo yung respect,” said Lopez.


Recently, Michael, with his brother Mark, was invited anew to UEFA Champions League to slice hams for the V.I.P. crowd of Europe’s most prestigious football tournament.


Five-star hotels in Madrid like Melía have also regularly availed of Lopez’s services because of his work ethic and excellent work quality. They also trust Lopez because they know he will never tamper a fine product like the Iberian ham.

Lopez also participated at the international food fair Madrid Fusión Manila held for the first time in the Philippines last April.

“Na-enjoy ko nang husto kasi na-appreciate ng tao ang trabaho mo lalo na yung sa Pilipinas, sa Madrid Fusion Manila, enjoy na enjoy kasi Filipino ang kaharap ko,” said Lopez who considered the event a dream come true and even offered the Filipino crowd a free crash course on ham carving.

“Kailangan talaga super nipis ang hiwa (at) maganda, paano mo i-te-take advantage the entire piece. In different parts of the ham, mayroong different kinds of techniques,” advised Lopez.

Lopez added that one will get thick, gristly slices or worse cut one’s self if someone’s not skilled enough to slice the ham. He also stressed the importance of using a stable ham stand and special knives.



Lopez disclosed, in an exclusive interview with TFC’s Balitang Global, that he is excited to demonstrate once again the fine art of ham carving to fellow Filipinos as he is set to slice jamón ibérico de bellota cinco jotas for Chef Jessie at Rockwell in October.

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Pinoy dance sport athletes shine in Germany

steph dancesport championship germany

SPAIN – Celebrity and international dance sport athletes Stephanie Sabalo and Michael Angelo Marquez made it to the finals of international dance tournament German Open Championships held on August 11-15 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The dance couple still couldn’t believe that they clinched the top 5 position, besting 150 couples from around the world who competed in the Adult A Amateur Five Dance category.

“Sobrang happy talaga. Kahit noong tinawag pa lang na nakapasok kami ng top 6 sobrang happy na namin talaga,” said Marquez in an exclusive interview with The Filipino Channel’s Balitang Global.

They also took the 48th spot in the “Rising Star,” considered as the second biggest category of the week-long competition.

Sabalo and Marquez stood out despite height limitations and impressed judges in performing Latin dances such as jive, rhumba, cha-cha-cha, pasodoble, and samba.

Aside from them, according to the tournament’s website, two more dance couples from the Philippines dominated the Senior II A Standard Category namely Drs. Winifreda Constantino and Edgardo Ladimo and Veronica Lo and Oliver Rivera, who ranked 5th and 7th respectively.


Sabalo and Marquez were also invited to perform in “Dance Festival”, an event organized by Barcelona Dance Athletes (BDA) in Barcelona, Spain.

“Masaya kami kasi we have the chance to share our talent, at the same time inspire small children to follow their dreams. Dreams do come true, just believe in yourself, (and) believe in God’s gift for you,” said Sabalo.

Rodel Espinosa, BDA founder and international dance sport champion himself, promotes dance sport among young children in Barcelona. He emphasized that it is no different with other sports because it is very technical, competitive, and dance athletes aim for perfection.

Rhea Rose Gautier, instructor based on Antibes, France, on the other hand, stressed the values that children can learn from dance sport.

“Maging punctual, maging masunurin…Sa practice nyo andun yung patience, respect sa partner…patient to learn basic steps. Makikinig sa parents kasi hindi nakakasayaw ang kids pag hindi susuportahan ng mga parents,” Gautier said.

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Filipino Martial Arts kick it way to Spain


SPAIN – Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) are becoming more and more popular in Spain.

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Jhonee Llandejar teaches the techniques of Laraw, Kali, Pamuok to both Filipino and Spanish students in Fitness Place Sports Center in Barcelona.

Jhonee Llandejar teaches Laraw Kali Pamuok techniques

Laraw, Kali, Pamuok, explained Llandejar, is a type of Filipino Martial Arts that employs the use of weapons such as wooden sticks Arnis and dirty boxing techniques.

Laraw means picture or reflection of the Kali weapon and the warrior. Kali means the use of weapons like Arnis and dagger, and Pamuok, which refers to hand-to-hand street fighting or no rules boxing techniques.

Spanish boxing instructor Ruben Salas

This type of martial arts is not only for self-defense, but also develops patience and self-control.

“Napaka-kumpleto niya, pwede mong ituro sa bata, pwede mong ituro sa matanda…sa mga babae. At saka kailangang-kailangan natin kasi mga Pinoy tayo, maliliit tayo. Yung sistema na pwede nating atakehin ‘tong isang ganitong kalaking tao, pwede tayong mag-defend sa sarili natin. Hindi tayo magpapa-bully, basta basta,” said Llandejar, who underwent FMA training in the Philippines and earned the rank of Guro.

Barcelona-based Filipinos Morland Magnayi and Daven Baraquel Magboo attend the sessions for health and self-defense reasons.

“At least mayroong self-defense ba, habang nag-e-exercise ka may natutunan ka sa sarili mo,” Magnayi said.

“Habang nasa kalye ka, hindi mo alam kung bigla ka na lang nanakawan alam mo yung gagawin mo para ma-defend mo yung sarili mo,” Baraquel pointed out.

The martial art also attracted interest of Spaniards despite mastering other combat sports.

Suntukan to the next level. Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) which include the use of weapons (sticks or kali/arnis and knives), dirty boxing, and street fighting techniques have long been offered in a number of fitness centers in Barcelona. According to Guro Jhonee Llandelar, its origin can be traced to the fighting techniques employed by Philippine hero Lapu Lapu when he killed Fernão de Magalhães the Portuguese voyager sent by then Spanish Empire to colonize the archipelago now called the Philippines. In the picture is Llandejar's Itak Tagalog Barcelona chapter teaching Filipino martial arts Laraw Kali Pamuok. FMA have already been used in movies such as Bourne Identity and Fast and Furious 7 #kali #arnis #arnisdemano #filipinomartialarts #laraw #pamuok #panuntukan #itak #selfdefense #martialarts #fight #artesmarciales #Barcelona #España #Spain #suntukan #boxing #dirtyboxing #streetfighting #bourneidentity #fastandfurious #furious7 #Filipinas #Philippines #culture #history #lapulapu #magalhães #upbeatsunday

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Ruben Salas, who teaches boxing, said: “Most of my friends are Filipinos and I consider it very interesting because it trains the body both internally and externally and provides more defense than boxing,” said.

Filipino-Spanish taekwondo instructor Pepe Manuel wants to know more about Filipino culture through FMA.

“My mother is Filipino (so) it’s something that I want to learn, and its teaching method is more fluid. Perhaps, Korean taekwondo (and) Japanese karate although (have similarities with FMA) are very static, very rigid, but Arnis is very fluid with different method and employs a lot of strikes. I like it,” explained Manuel in Spanish.

Llandejar added that Filipino Martial Arts can trace its origin from precolonial fighting skills. Philippine hero Lapu-Lapu already showed expertise in the use of shield and weapon against Ferdinand Magellan’s heavily armored forces.

Filipino Martial Arts have also gained more international exposure, thanks to action stunts used in Hollywood blockbusters like Bourne Legacy and Fast and Furious 7.

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Pinoys seek justice for Filipina jailed in Spain

signature drive Pinay Barcelona Spain

SPAIN – The Filipino community in Barcelona is rallying behind the family of a Filipina imprisoned for drug trafficking.

Emilia Dueñas was sentenced to three years and six months in prison in Barcelona for drug possession and trafficking.

In an interview with Balitang Global, Dueñas’ husband Meynardo Ramirez said that in 2013, police searched their flat for drugs while nobody was home. The police took their jewelry, passports, bank books, cellphones, 10,000 euros that they saved, and laptops including those of their bedspacers.

“May pinapanhik pa silang aso. Wala. Wala silang nakuha. Betsin po ang kinuha nila. Tapos may aso pa nga pong pinapanhik para sila’y makasigurado, lahat, wala, yun nga po, betsin ang kanilang dinala at sabi iyun daw,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez recounted that when they arrived home, he and his wife were immediately arrested. He was later on acquitted but his wife was sentenced last year.

They filed an appeal but it was denied and she was eventually sent to Wad-Ras prison in Barcelona last month.

Ramirez said he and his wife make an honest living. He works as chief cook in a restaurant while his wife works as a factory worker of a grocery chain.

He suspects that the police were wrongly informed about the address of the drug traffickers. Instead of searching a nearby building where there were alleged drug traffickers, the police raided their flat.

Their former lawyer also promised that there was an 80% chance that they would win the case but Ramirez thinks that the lawyer did not defend them well.

“Bakit siya (abogado) nagpabaya…komo kami ay extranjero (foreigner) at sila naman komo ay taga rito, bakit naman kami pinabayaan? Hindi naman ako maghahabol kung yun ay tunay. Naaawa ako sa asawa ko. Alam ng Diyos yan na wala kang kasalanan,” Ramirez said.


Meanwhile, Filipino associations, the Filipino Personal Parish, and companies have started to collect signatures in the hopes of shortening Dueñas’ prison sentence.

Centro Filipino-Tuluyan San Benito volunteers placed a small table outside the San Agustin church in Barcelona where they explain about the campaign and ask for signatures from Filipinos who attend the Sunday Mass at the Filipino Personal Parish.

Organization coordinator Miguel Doctama said signatures from Filipinos would definitely help.

“Para mapagaan ang sentensya. Una, signature campaign, sulat ng presidente ng Centro Filipino, sulat ng pari ng parokya natin dito (at) pirma ng asawa na nagpapatunay na siya’y walang kasalanan. Marami po yun, mga anim na pamamaraan,” Doctama said.

Doctama cited the case of Filipino-Spanish “Crisanto,” who was accused of setting a homeless indigent on fire years ago. He said the signature campaign organized by the Filipino community contributed in his acquittal.

Relatives of Dueñas also asked for signatures in places frequented by Filipinos like remittance centers.

Metrobank Remittance Center manager Vilma Grace Miguel also supports the signature drive.

“Kawawa naman ang isang tao napapagbintangan ng isang bagay na hindi mo naman talaga ginawa. Naniniwala tayo na dito sa Barcelona, meron na talagang nangyayaring hindi kanais-nais at nai-involve talaga sa droga. Pero sa parte ko, naniniwala ako at na sana siya’y mapababaan ng kanyang sentensya kaya kami’y nakikiisa,” said Miguel.

signature drive Pinay Barcelona Spain drug trafficking

Ramirez is also asking President Benigno Aquino III or any Philippine government agency that can help them achieve justice.

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UP Manila Chorale int’l prize win to help Bohol quake survivors

UP Manila Chorale competing at 61st Certamen Internacional de Habaneras y Polifonia in Torrevieja, Spain.

UP Manila Chorale competing at 61st Certamen Internacional de Habaneras y Polifonia in Torrevieja, Spain. Photo from UP Manila Chorale Facebook Page.

The official choir of the University of the Philippines Manila, UP Manila Chorale (UPMC), reaped awards in the two international choir competitions held in Spain.

UPMC, under the baton of Prof. Eman P. de Leon Jr., bagged two awards at the 33rd Cantonigros International Choral Music Festival held in Vic, Spain—second prize in the Folk Music Category and third prize in the Mixed Choir Category.

Photo from UP Manila Chorale Facebook Page

Photo from UP Manila Chorale Facebook Page

It also competed at the 61st Certamen Internacional de Habaneras y Polifonia in Torrevieja, Spain where it took the top prize in the Polyphony Category.  The award includes a cash prize worth 10,000 euros (approximately PHP 500,000).

Proceeds of the cash prizes and donations they received during their European tour will be given to the NGO Habitat for Humanity to build houses for the Bohol earthquake survivors.

“Bilang mga nasa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas at bilang yung mga istudyante ko po ay istudyante ng Medicine or Dentistry, basta nasa field kami ng health sciences, talagang pinili namin na tumulong para doon sa mga kababayan natin kasi pagkatapos nilang mag-aral, doon din ang punta nila, manggagamot ng mga kababayan natin at tutulong doon sa talagang mga nangangailangan,” de Leon said.

The choir also shared their world-class talent in music to international audience and fellow Filipinos living in Europe.  As part of their European tour “Talindaw 2015”, they also performed in Switzerland, France, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, and Czech Republic.

In Barcelona, Spain, UPMC participated in the 17th anniversary of the Filipino Personal Parish Parroquia Inmaculada Concepción y San Lorenzo Ruiz held at Iglesia de San Agustin.

The choir sang Spanish, Filipino, classical and popular music to the delight of Filipino residents in Barcelona.


Something soothing and soporific from the University of the Philippines Manila Chorale who just had their concert at Iglesia de San Agustin as part of the Filipino Personal Parish's 17th anniversary celebration. It's their rendition of the Spanish song by Mocedades "Eres tú". The official choir of my alma mater recently reaped awards, under the baton of Prof. Eman de Leon Jr., in Cantonigros and Torrevieja International Choir Competitions. The last stop of their "Talindaw 2015" European tour is Frankfurt, Germany slated next week. Proceeds of cash prize and donations raised will be donated to Bohol earthquake survivors through Habitat for Humanity. More power to them and to our kababayans abroad who always open their homes to accommodate these talented students and goodwill ambassadors! Details on TFC Balitang Global and #iskolarngbayan #upmanilachorale #upmc #talindaw #torrevieja #cantonigros #iglesiadesanagustín #anniversary #parish #parroquiadeinmaculadaconcepcionysanlorenzoruiz #mocedades #erestu #choirs #Spain #España #Barcelona #concert #Frankfurt #Germany #Europe #goodmusic #supportmusicians #supportartists #bayanihan

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“Napakaganda, naalala ko tuloy ang aking Inang Pilipinas,” said Emma Mercado.

“Napakaswerte ng parokya na meron tayong UP Choir from Manila. Kayamanan ng bayan yan,” said Thezz Saulog.

Filipinos in Barcelona also showcased the treasures they have in the community during the event—the the Filipino-Spanish youth talent in dancing and choir singing, which also won the hearts of the audience.

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‘Taklub’ makes it to Gijon Int’l Film Fest in Spain

SPAIN – Just after winning the Ecumenical Jury Prize-Special Mention at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival last May, Filipino filmmaker Brillante Mendoza’s “Taklub” is still on a roll, this time competing at the Official Section of the Gijon International Film Festival in Asturias, Spain.

Starring Nora Aunor, the film is about the life of survivors of supertyphoon Yolanda.

The festival which will be held in November is famous for featuring independent films from around the world.

Last year, the festival invited Mendoza as its guest of honor.

Recently, his work was featured in a presentation by the Casa Asia in Barcelona.

Mendoza is considered as someone who continues the legacy of Lino Brocka, Kidlat Tahimik and other prominent directors who used their films to criticize social ills in the 70s.

Award-winning director Brillante Mendoza in 2013 Sitges International Film Festival in Spain with the writer.

Award-winning director Brillante Mendoza in 2013 Sitges International Film Festival in Spain with the author.

Jorge Ivan Argiz, program director of the Gijon International Film Festival, said Mendoza doesn’t surrender to what the market dictates. He maintains his identity as a director and continues to fight for cinema literacy and portrays reality.

Director Nacho Carballo of the Gijon International Film Festival added that Mendoza is a great filmmaker with fresh and unique films. Most importantly, his films tackle the real issues of Philippine society.

Aside from the praises he receives, the Filipino director knows how to interact with people, according to Gloria Fernandez, director of CineAsia, who wrote a book about him.

Mendoza is also behind the films “Masahista”, “Foster Child”, “Manoro”, “Kinatay”, “Lola”, “Thy Womb”, and many more. He said his stories are based on ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

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Robin Padilla wants Duterte-Lacson for 2016

SPAIN – Actor Robin Padilla is one of those urging Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to run for president in the 2016 elections. For the first time, Padilla has expressed support for former senator and rehabilitation czar Panfilo Lacson to be Duterte’s running mate.

“Tandaan naman natin na si Sen. Lacson ang nag-iisang senador na hindi kumuha ng pork barrel…Kaya kung mamarapatin ang dalawang magaling na lalaking ito, sana magkaroon ng tambalan ang Duterte-Lacson,” said Padilla.

Padilla further reiterated his support for Duterte, who, however, is still not inclined on joining the presidential race despite his improving survey ratings, especially in Mindanao.

“Ang Davao ay number 8 sa safest city sa buong mundo…Tandaan natin ang progress ay susunod kapag may peace. Walang progress kapag walang peace,” Padilla added.

The actor has been very vocal about his stand on the peace process in Mindanao. For him, peace is long overdue given the many agreements already signed such as the “Tripoli Agreement, Jakarta Accord, and now the Bangsamoro Basic Law.”

“Parang babaeng nililigawan lang yan. Pagka gusto ka ng babae, hindi na kailangan ng napakaraming bolahan, pero pag ayaw ka ng babae, wala na, kahit na ano pang gawin mo, magkikisay ka pa diyan, tapos! Ganyan ang peace talks sa atin.”

Padilla believes that only through Duterte’s federalism will Mindanao achieve true autonomy, comparing it to Spain’s model of autonomous governments.

Consulado general de filipinas Jordi Puig Roches

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The actor is currently in Barcelona to celebrate Philippine Independence Day with the Filipino community.


Ang mga Spanish- Filipino ng Catalonia

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Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia, a region with an autonomous government which is clamoring for independence from Spain.

Daniel and Robin Padilla. With Filipino action superstar Robinhood Cariño Padilla. If I'm not mistaken he's the first Filipino actor I have interviewed and the interview went really well. He's very brave to speak his mind. One can write three headlines from just one interview with him. He even considers himself "revolutionary", very fitting for his role in the movie about a Philippine national hero who revolted against the Spanish colonizers–Andres Bonifacio. The award-winning movie "Andres Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo (the first president) will be shown in Barcelona, Spain on June 20, Saturday, 8 p.m. at Iglesia de San Agustin. Everyone's invited to watch the 2014 MMFF Best Picture and there you could also meet personally the very approachable Mr. Robin Padilla. It's for free and open to the public. The day after, June 21, Sunday, lots of activities will be held in front of MACBA to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day in Barcelona. #independenceday #philippineindependenceday #Philippines #arawngkalayaan #andresbonifacio #andresbonifacioangunangpangulo #Barcelona #Spain #robinpadilla #Filipinos #filipinas #España #independencia #arawngkasarinlan #iglesiadesanagustin #iglesiadesanagustín #filipinosinbarcelona #filipinosinspain #artista

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Despite being very political in his pronouncements, Padilla denied any plans to run in the 2016 senatorial race, saying he considers himself “revolutionary.”

“Ang isang rebolusyonaryo, kailanman hindi magpapaalipin sa mga kapitalista. Pag ako’y naging pulitiko, alipin ka na ng kapitalista at magsisimula mo nang ipagpalit ang kayamanan sa karapatan.”

His award-winning movie on the Father of the Philippine Revolution, “Andres Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo,” will be shown on June 20 at Iglesia de San Agustin in Barcelona, Spain, where many kababayans are expecting to see their idol in person.

For Padilla, OFWs are heroes like Bonifacio:

Hustisya mailap pa rin sa pamilya ng biktima ng hit and run sa Barcelona



Angelica Manongsong Dalisay

Angelica Manongsong Dalisay

For English please visit the following link: Still no justice for teen Pinay hit-and-run victim in Spain

Ni Daniel Infante Tuaño

Nagpamisa si Ginang Siony Manongsong Dalisay sa Iglesia de San Agustin sa Barcelona para sa yumaong anak na si Angelica, biktima ng hit and run.

Isang taon na ang nakalipas pero sariwa pa rin sa ina ang trahedya.

Nasagaan habang tumatawid ang 17-taong-gulang na si Angelica sa pedestrian lane sa Munisipalidad ng Gava sa Barcelona.

Ligtas ang kasamang anak at nobyo niya pero nahagip siya at binawian ng buhay dahil sa matinding sugat na natamo.

Ayon sa public attorney na ibinigay sa naulilang pamilya, kusang sumuko ang suspek dahil natunugan niyang mahuhuli na siya ng pulis base na rin sa nakuhang impormasyon sa mga testigo.

Nadistract umano ng celphone ang suspek habang nagmamaneho. Nadiskubri ring expired na ang driver’s license niya at hindi siya ang may-ari ng sasakyan.

Ang suspek ay kinasuhan ng homicide at failure to lend help to injured persons.

Kasalukuyan siyang nakalalaya, pero bawal siyang lumabas ng bansa at pinagrereport sa husgado kada lunes.

Naghihintay pa ng resolusyon mula sa husgado para makapagsampa ng “acusacion” o karampatang kaso laban sa suspek.

“Kung titingnan ko bilang optimista, makatwiran lang na sa loob ng isang taon, magkakaroon na ng hearing, dahil kontrolado na rin ang tema, alam na kung sino,” ani Atty. Ramon Ga Rojas Jaile sa Español.

Masama ang loob ni Ginang Siony sa mabagal na pag-usad ng kaso. Gusto na sana nilang makamit ang hustisya bago pa man iuwi ang abo ni Angelica sa Pilipinas.

“Hintay ka nang hintay, nakakasama ng loob. Gusto kong magalit pero kanino? Yun umiiyak na lang ako dahil habang nagsisindi ako ng kandila sa ceniza nya gabi-gabi gusto kong sabihin na ayan na may nangyari na sa kaso, may nanagot na sa gumawa sa iyo, pero wala, wala akong masabi dahil wala naman talaga. Sabi nga nila walang kasingsakit na mawalan ng isang anak,” ani Gng. Manongsong Dalisay

Nanawagan si Gng. Siony sa konsulado at mga asosasyong pilipino na tulungan siyang mapabilis ang resolusyon sa kaso.

Ang ulat na lumabas sa Balitang Global, TFC, ABS-CBN